Polished Nails

Treatment Products for Polished Nails

Essential products to correct, protect and give your nails
a perfect finish.

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Ultra Gloss

Ultra Shine Protection

High protection and gloss, this product is ideal to protect glossy gel nails. Also protects nail polish from scratches and blemishes.
Dries quickly when applied on dry varnish.

RRP (15 ml): 10.90 EUR

Ultra Dry

Varnish Dryer

Dries nail varnish quickly, leaving nails ultra-shiny and protected.
Apply a coat of dryer after applying the varnish. Wait
2 minutes for a dry, shiny finish.

RRP (15 ml): 10.90 EUR

Ultra Fix

Nail Polish Fixing Base

Promotes perfect adhesion of nail polish and increases nail resistance and durability.

RRP (15 ml): 10.90 EUR

U.V. Protect

U.V. Protection

Protects nails from becoming yellow when exposed to UV rays and cigarette smoke.
Can be applied over nail varnish or UV gel nails. Also protects the intense, fresh look of a French manicure.

RRP: (15 ml): 9.90 EUR

Non Aceton Remover

Acetone-free Nail Polish Remover

The non-acetone nail polish remover is an exclusive Nails4´Us formula that is gentle on cuticles and nails.

RRP: (125 ml): 6.90 EUR

Cuti Clean

Nail Varnish Corrector Pen

A 'pen' to correct nail varnish along the cuticles.
Indispensable to correct colour nail varnish.
Use 'pen' carefully around
the nail and along the cuticles to remove
nail varnish traces.

RRP: (3 ml): 10.90 EUR